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Nanny Mom

An experienced private luxury childcare provider who is simultaneously raising their own little human

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Balancing Nanny Life & Motherhood

Driven to leave the world better than she found it, Courtnee Jones (aka Everything Courtnee) is a longstanding Nanny who enjoys every moment of helping parents and their little ones create the best foundations to thrive on. Passionate about helping next-gens step into the best versions of themselves, Courtnee brings with her an extensive 12+ year history involving early childhood education, moral compass guidance, inspiring healthy mindset shifts, and making days for kiddos as fun as they are enlightening. Even more, loves leveraging her acumen in childhood behavior management, social skill building, and dexterity in art, music, and dramatic play to not just raise good humans, but humans who will feel empowered to become the change they want to see. 


Since beginning her career at the ripe age of 16 to now, Courtnee has built a large inventory of experiences and parenting specializations that all stem from her passion for raising the next generation with respect, kindness, and independence that evolves as they do. With that as her lens, it became the catalyst for Courtnee to step into the early childhood education arena and training largely on the intricacies of (but not limited to) social/behavioral development, positive discipline, classroom environment curation, and fostering positive internal dialogue via Montessori practices as a former Pre-K teacher. Taking that with her to the Nanny industry, Courtnee has helped countless children and parents alike, ranging from private luxury childcare, new/toddler parent coaching, potty training services to local parent and me classes. That said, Courtnee's dedications haven't gone unnoticed, as she has been featured on a publication as well as on the Sitter City’s podcast, The Great Unicorn Search, during their 10th episode entitled ‘Nannies Can Be Moms Too.'


Overall, nothing makes Courtnee happier than helping adults navigate this crazy thing called parenthood and ultimately providing young ones with the core stepstones they deserve to excel. From gentle parenting, age-appropriate accountability to watering the seed of creative-based learning, she has a genuine passion for influencing young minds to leave their own marks on the world. This, in conjunction with her fun-loving energy towards and reputation for positioning children for successful personal and professional futures, is what can give you the confidence that your care goals are in the hands of someone who values your family and the trajectory of the world your kids will live in just as much as you do.


“In the world of parenting, there’s an old saying that it takes a full village to raise a child – and I would be honored to become part of yours." – Courtnee Jones.


In the end, Courtnee loves what she does and is prideful in being able to help the world heal by raising a future of much-needed healers. And as a proud mother herself, she is passionate about hosting keynote conversations to empower nannies who are parents as well as supporting entrepreneur parents on social media platforms like Instagram and Clubhouse. However, when Courtnee is not working, content creating or helping others excel in this space, you can often find her baking, crafting, practicing yoga, and above all else, being the best mom she can be.


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